Apart from hatha yoga, We focus not only on physical health but also on other areas like Bakthi Yoga , Gyana Yoga and councelling for mental health issues.

What is Cancer and how yoga helps in the process of curing?

Cancer is the result of abnormal growth in the cells which quickly spread to other parts of the body. Early detection is 100% curable. But Patients mind should be strong enough during the process of curing.

Due to the fear in the mind of patients, their brain function reduces which in turn results in the slow down of the curing process. Yoga eliminates fear, and induces courage and peace in the mind of the patients which is very very essential for their speedy recovery


Total number of Sessions = 16 with each session lasting for minimum 1 hour

1 st quarter ( first 4 sessions)

  1. Internal Preparation & ohm chanting
  2. Pawan Mukthasan series 1
  3. vajrasan
  4. Marjari asana
  5. Vyakrnasana
  6. Parvattasana
  7. Mritunjaya mantra
  8. TTK series
  9. Shasankasana
  10. Anulom Vilom

2nd quarter (Next 4 sessions)

  1. Tryaka katti charasana
  2. Bhujangasana
  3. Setu Bhandasana
  4. Ustrasana
  5. Pachimottasana
  6. Vakrasana
  7. Saral Bhujangasana
  8. Kandarasana
  9. Vipareeta karani
  10. Matsyasana
  11. Rabit breathing
  12. Nadi Suddhi
  13. Prana Mudra

3rd quarter (next 4 sessions)

  1. Asanas
  2. Pawan Muktasana series 3
  3. Brahmari
  4. Kapalbati
  5. Ujjayi
  6. Ajapa japa meditation
  7. Yoga Nidra

4th quarter (final 4 sessions)

  1. Revision of all three sessions
  2. Brahmari with nadha anusantana
  3. Chanting Akara, Ukara, Makara
  4. Preparation of mind with Gyana yoga and Bakthi Yoga

At the end of the program you can have a permanent guidance from us by way of attending our free yoga sessions & free Bakthi Gyana yoga knowledges in conference call everyday

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The following table shows the daily practice program for you. The time and minutes quoted here is the maximum you can try to achieve. Please never try any thing beyond your capacity. you can use this for your easy reference and remembereance only.

Program for Cancer

NoAsana/ Yoga techniqueDuration In Minutes/rounds
1Physical Awareness3 min
2BreathAwareness3 min
3Mental Awareness (next one hour for yoga)3 min
4Ohmkar Chanting5 min
5Maha Mritunjaya mantra 11 times
6Kapalbati 10 strokes and should be increased gradually.3 rounds
7Pawanmuktasana series 1 with breath awareness20 min
8Tadasana either sitting or standing10 rounds
9Marjariasana10 rounds
10Vyagharasana both legs5 rounds each leg
11Shasankasana Rabbit breathing 20 to 40 strokes2 rounds

Shasankasana breathing10 rounds
13Shasanka Bujangasana10 rounds
14Kandarasana2 min
15Shavasana2 min
16Anulom Vilom10 min
17Ujjayi Pranayama without Kumbhak10 min
18Prana Mudra10 rounds
19Shavasana2 min
20Nadi Suddhi5 min
21Brahmari5 min
22Sheetali Pranayama21 rounds
23Yoga NidraOnce a day
24Listen Ohm chanting whole nightDuring sleep
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