The number of my client friends voluntarily shared their experiences in my yoga, pranayama, bandhas and meditational sesseions. They share about their physical and mental health before and after my yoga classes. They feel so happy to share it with others.

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Hi, I am very happy to give the feedback about this class & Manju
Firstly I was very interested in yoga from childhood,but didn’t take any steps for doing that.Then I started doing 10 years before but couldn’t continue. After some years by some mental stress I faced problems physically sometimes like constipation problem, irregular periods and headache. Recently I joined in this class 6 months back, after joining I feel good and healthy.Now through yoga I got relief from all these problems gradually and also feel to be with nature.
So I think my precious time of my life starts from here.Thank you so much Manju for this golden service.

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My body was in a very poor condition until i started doing yoga.I had digestion problems and I get sick and tired often.I could’nt work continuously.I’ve to pause every hour and rest, but honestly nowadays i can work continuosly and i’m active all day and also i got a good habit of waking up early.You taught us pranayama which improves immunity and increase our energy level and meditation to reduce stress.I thank you for all you’ve done.I feel proud that i joined your class😊

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Sri Vidhya

Hello, I am Sri Vidhya . I have wheezing and allergy problems. Every morning of mine starts with sneezing and running nose. So getting up early was very hard for me. Normally, I had lazy mornings. But once I joined the yoga class of my friend Manju, despite some initial difficulties, I got up early and started doing yoga. Slowly and steadily, my breathing and body flexibility became much better. And now, I don’t have any wheezing problems. Also getting up early becomes easier now and I feel more energetic and fresh the whole day. Thanks to the big change I have taken up.
Also, before joining the class, for the past one year, I had severe shoulder and neck pain. I could not raise my right hand. But now I don’t have that pain at all. I can raise, rotate and stretch my shoulder easily.
Yoga made me energetic, made my body flexible , and now I am enjoying doing yoga daily .
All this was possible only because of Manju. Her attention, kindness and motivation made me who I am today.

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Hi, I am Gayathri. First of all I would like to thank Manju for encouraging me like anything. For many years back I was doing yoga but that was not regular because of my job, then 3 years before I had severe back pain so that I could not easily bend forward and sit on floor and also face digestion problem. At that time, I scared about my future, so I took many treatments.
Finally I decided to doing yoga with full hope. So I joined with Manju just 1 year back, initially I did just try, but now I feel more better and flexibility. So my decision is not wasted at all and I feel my new life. Thank you Manju.

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Its my pleasure to give feedback to your Extraordinary work ManjuDeepika….I have done a Master degree in Yoga ,but I don’t have flexibility in doing asanas. From Nov 2019 till now you made me to feel the flexibility. You have encouraged a lot to practice self & to take yoga classes for others.. Your classes will be very energetic & you give variations daily. Each day we can learn new things in your online classes, if I miss a class  I feel guilty that a new thing I have missed. Your pranayamam session helped me to concentrate deeply in meditation. I m happy to be a part of your class🙏🏼.

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Ritu & Sunil

I have been doing yoga with Manju from the past 3 years. She is very well versed with all types of yoga and gives the practices according to ones needs. She is very down to earth and makes one feel at home. She knows a lot about Ayurveda, naturopathy and counsels also. Not only me my husband and daughters also learn from her. She has become a part of my family and the days I do yoga with her I feel very powerful.
Thank you

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This is my feed back regarding our yoga class experience. This is absolutely true. Hari Om! I had done Yoga in the past but nothing compared to what Manju introduced me to. We have classes three times a week for an hour long thru zoom. Manju teaches specifically on Hatha Yoga. She makes the class very interesting and fun. Not only is she knowledgable, helpful, and thorough; she is friendly, warm, and a general joy to be around. Before going to Yoga with Manju, I had shoulder pain. After a few sessions, I felt stronger and my pain went away completely. I learned different types of breathing exercises, about healthy diets, and how to view life in different ways to maximize the benefits of life.
There are not enough words to say great things about Manju’s classes and her teaching methodologies. It is simply fantastic!

Prabha Venkat

This is prabha Venkat raja. I would like to share my experience of manju yoga class. Before attending these classes, my understanding of yoga listed only to various Asanas and I did not a habit of doing them regularly. Presently attending her classes regularly helping me to understand yoga much better and experiencing the benefits. Also my yoga teacher gives us challenging yogas postures, accommodating and encourage me to do much better. I feel relaxed nowadays feeling energetic after joining this class. Lots of love, thanks and graditude to my yoga guru.🙏

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